Sohla El-Waylly's Go-To Brunch Drink Is Hilariously Frank

Sohla El-Waylly is part of a new generation of celebrity chefs. She's in the vanguard of talented cooks who came up as hard-scrabble content creators. That's not to say she's not also a gifted chef, as Vulture reports that she spent two years in culinary school before she began working on Bon Appétit's "Test Kitchen" alongside people like Brad Leone

Sadly, the "Test Kitchen" turned into a difficult situation for El-Waylly. "It became increasingly frustrating to become a sidekick to people with significantly less experience than me," El-Waylly said. According to El-Waylly, she was placed in a background role, even though she was often more knowledgeable than those around her. There were also claims of racial insensitivity, according to the New York Times, which ultimately led El-Waylly to leave the production.

Since then, she's been building her own brand by creating content on YouTube. Some of her most popular past appearances include doing "Ancient Recipes with Sohla" for History, and "Stump Sohla," wherein she put her vast culinary knowledge to use with the Babish Culinary Universe. She's also started making talk-show appearances, such as when she showed up on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" to help the host learn how to make an omelet.

After seeing exactly how adept the talk-show host is with a pan and spatula, El-Waylly needed a drink, and proved that even her taste in alcohol deserves recognition.

El-Waylly likes it neat, straight up, or 'sometimes' on the rocks

Sohla El-Waylly is a chef, and since chefs are exposed to so many unusual foods, they can develop odd tastes. For example, there are foods Guy Fieri flat won't eat. The Mayor of Flavortown doesn't care for breakfast foods, including eggs. Similarly, Thrillist says Anthony Bourdain hated home fries at brunch. Given such idiosyncrasies among the celebrity chef crowd, one could imagine El-Waylly might only drink the tears of a lizard strained through a black sand filter. Or, just Gatorade.

Instead, the drink that El-Waylly prefers is actually incredibly straightforward: whiskey. "This is my favorite brunch beverage," said El-Waylly as she encouraged Seth Meyers to take a drink of his own glass (via YouTube). "It's just whiskey," she explained with a smile. "Sometimes there's ice."

Funnily enough, it seems that El-Waylly enjoys having her whiskey even more often than an occasional brunch. She told Meyers that she does a fair amount of drinking while judging contestants on the set of "The Big Brunch," her new series with Dan Levy. In fact, from the sound of things, viewers can expect to see plenty of imbibing when the series premieres on HBO Max on November 10. 

When asked if drinking made the process of judging food easier, El-Waylly jokingly replied, "It makes everything better." While the title "The Big Brunch" might not scream exciting television, knowing that Sohla El-Waylly is putting some whiskey in her tank while she judges contestants promises a little more fun than simply scrambling eggs.