M&M's Collab With Dove Just Dropped A Silky Holiday Flavor

This holiday season, M&M's and Dove are brown-nosing their way into fans' good graces.

It's not as if M&M's and Dove have been idle in 2022. Dove, for example, cranked up the love on its milk chocolate caramel and dark chocolate peanut butter bars, making them three times their regular sizes (or 2.75 ounces) so that they would be more shareable, per Candy Industry. M&M's, on the other hand, released a new character: a zany purple, meant to symbolize individuality, per Today. M&M's even launched a song, "I'm Just Gonna Be Me," which endorses purple's apparent message of self-acceptance. M&M's also appealed to customers' philanthropic sensibilities by promising to pay $1 to a non-profit organization for every time someone streamed the song, Today noted.

Now, M&M's and Dove have each added new, holiday-themed items to their offerings. According to a survey of 15,000 respondents by rewards app company Shopkick, 90% of candy-eating customers prefer chocolate — and Mars' new offerings are full of chocolatey goodness.

It's all about the chocolate

The holiday season may bring to mind thoughts of peppermint and gingerbread flavors. But M&M's and Dove have gone a decidedly different route. Both of the candy companies' new offerings feature chocolatey flavors that double down on the cocoa goodness.

M&M's espresso dark chocolate candies feature chocolatey, coffee-flavored goodness in five festive colors. Dove's "holiday brownie batter" squares, meanwhile, feature milk chocolate squares with a brownie batter filling, complete with holiday-themed wrappers, per a press release.

To further entice the sweet-toothed demographic, Mars is offering candy lovers a chance to win a $400 gift card. To win, fans must a friend or family member to watch a movie with in reply to the Twitter #MarsMovieSweepstakes announcement. Mars will nominate 10 Twitter respondents as winners at random. As a testimony to its uptake, the tweet in question has already brought in more than 2,300 likes.