Walmart Rolls Back Thanksgiving Prices To 2021

It's quite common for people who have lived a long time to complain about prices. This isn't because they're curmudgeons. It's because they've seen their hard-earned dollars and cents become less valuable over time. This is a facet of the open market known as inflation, and it increases prices and reduces the buying power of money, according to Forbes. In 2022, it's also a major irritation for anyone who wants to buy anything, which is to say nearly everyone who isn't a monk who has eschewed all legal tender and consumes nothing but tea they brew themselves.

Though inflation is a major issue, there are a few brands that are trying to help people fight it, at least for the holiday season. ABC News reports that the already inexpensive grocery store Aldi is one of these altruistic brands. The supermarket with the speedy checkout is going to take a trip through the wayback machine and drop prices on turkeys and trimmings to 2019 prices. This means customers will pay the same amount for certain items that they did before sheltering in place and wearing masks for something other than train robberies.

Walmart has likewise said that it will be giving people cheaper Thanksgiving goods, though it's not time-traveling quite as far back as Aldi.

A turkey at Walmart will be less than a dollar per pound

In the latter part of 2022, the price of products, housing, healthcare, and more rose so much that MarketWatch called it "the biggest gain in 40 years." Food has been significantly impacted by this high rate of inflation — MarketWatch says grocery prices have skyrocketed 13% in the last year. As the holiday season rapidly approaches, that painful leap in cost could mean more people are putting less food on the table for their families and festivities.

To combat this price surge and provide people with at least a little relief, Walmart is taking some prices back to 2021 levels. The superstore has created a whole segment on its website that shows everything that has been discounted. This includes turkeys and the best Thanksgiving side dishes, such as stuffing, cornbread mix, and even items like macaroni and cheese. One of the most notable reductions is frozen turkeys, which are less than a dollar a pound (per CNET, turkeys have risen to $1.99 a pound this year).

A Walmart press release says that the chain has been working with suppliers to reduce costs and help more people have a less expensive holiday season. Many items will be discounted until December 26, 2022. This will include both ingredients for cooking, like green beans and onions, and pre-made items such as whipped cream and jars of gravy. While a press release says Aldi has slashed prices for holiday fare by as much as 30%, it's still nice that Walmart is trying.