Are Texas Roadhouse Servers Required To Line Dance?

Let's be honest. Most of us have done things we didn't really want to do for a paycheck. Some Sonic employees have to roller skate around the parking lot to deliver food. Chick-fil-A employees have to stand outside in all kinds of weather to take orders. Some restaurant servers gather in front of guests to clap and sing when there's a birthday in the house. And all of these must be done with a smile.

If you've ever dined at Texas Roadhouse, you've probably witnessed the servers there doing a little more than singing and waiting tables. Mike Parratino, the owner of a Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Wichita, Kansas, claims his servers line dance every half hour for fun and to entertain guests (per The Wichita Eagle). You can even find video proof of the dancing at other restaurants on YouTube.

So the question is, are Texas Roadhouse servers actually required to line dance, or is it optional? The answer depends on who you ask.

Some Texas Roadhouse locations do require line dancing

A Reddit thread claims that a "popular steakhouse chain's servers are REQUIRED to line dance" and even sends in secret shoppers to check for compliance. Although it doesn't mention the name of the restaurant, the first comment in the thread states that it's Texas Roadhouse. In another separate thread, one user asked if the chain has always done line dancing. One respondent said they had been to three different locations and never noticed any line dancing.

The line dancing question has also been asked on Indeed as well, likely by a prospective applicant. A former hostess of a North Carolina location said it was optional. Most other respondents also claim the servers had a choice, but a current employee (at the time of the post) stated that it was a job requirement. Another respondent said it was preferred, but not mandatory. Current and former employees provided their feedback on the dancing on Glassdoor, with mostly positive reviews.

So basically, whether or not Texas Roadhouse employees are expected to line dance seems to be at the discretion of the local restaurant owner. Some require it. Others don't.