Frank's Injector Marinade Is Sure To Spice Up Your Thanksgiving Turkey

For the people in the camp thinking that Thanksgiving turkey is too dry or flavorless, this new creation by Frank's RedHot might just change that belief. Cooking turkey is always a laborious task, oftentimes requiring multiple hours and the utmost attention to be properly prepared. And when the bird is finally taken out of the oven, a lot of people are rewarded with a dish that has overly-cooked white meat, resulting from the dark meat on the poultry item taking longer to cook (via Epicurious). But a lot of people still just push through the mediocre taste, due to the fact that the bird is almost always the centerpiece of the feast.

But if all Americans are preparing this dish for the sake of tradition, it should also be delicious. One way to do this is a suggestion courtesy of Frank's Redhot. The hot sauce company is encouraging home cooks to add its signature condiment to their traditional turkey recipes — and here's how.

Frank's RedHot's new package packs a turkey with flavor

There are tips online on how to prepare the perfect Thanksgiving turkey, including those emphasizing the importance of brining and adding the right seasonings under the skin (via Taste of Home). And Frank's RedHot is jumping in on the tip line with its own suggestion to preparing a juicy, flavorful turkey easier than ever.

The hot sauce brand has released an injector marinade that will make it easier than ever to add flavor into a typical Thanksgiving turkey. The product, which can be purchased at select retailers, comes with both syringe and the marinade, which is the brand's original cayenne pepper sauce, according to PR Newswire.

You just need to load the tool with the Franks' RedHot original, before pulling the liquid to the top. All that's left is to do is to select a dish — whether that's a turkey, pork chops, or even grilled vegetables – for them to inject the sauce into. The result is a now spicy, tender dish that will knock guests' socks off at the dinner table. That's one way to spice up Thanksgiving!