Aldi's Black Forest Bacon Is Making Instagram Sizzle

Have you ever heard the saying "everything tastes better with bacon"? Well, it's sort of true! Not only is bacon essential for the perfect breakfast (at least if you eat meat), but this pork-based product can also easily elevate simple soups, salads, sandwiches, and even desserts. While most people would gag at the thought of meat combined with a sweet treat, bacon manages to pull off this seemingly impossible feat (just try one of these 11 desserts made better with bacon if you don't believe us).

Whether you are sprinkling it on top of a Caesar salad or adding it to a burger or homemade flatbread, few people would turn down the offer for some bonus bacon. In fact, according to NPR, "bacon is the gateway to meat for most vegetarians." Why? Apparently, the highly aromatic smell of this meat is 90% of what people are tasting when they consume bacon.

Clearly, bacon is a frequent grocery store purchase for many. But when you find yourself walking down the aisle, which specific frozen meat do you procure? There are usually a handful of store-bought bacon options to choose between, all of which look fairly identical. When in doubt, basing your decision on previous customer reviews and experiences is usually a good call. For instance, commenters on Instagram had a lot of praise for Aldi's black forest bacon. 

Some Instagram users claim Aldi black forest bacon is the best they've ever had

Instagram user @aldisfavoritefinds took to the platform to share a recently discovered product: Black Forest Bacon. While the photo collection featured several other Aldi products, the comment section primarily included enthusiastic endorsements for the bacon. "This bacon is the best EVER!" one commenter wrote, with another person echoing the same sentiment.

@aldifavoritefans is not the only advocate for Aldi's black forest bacon, which is priced at $5.99 and is a product of Appleton Farms. The meaty offering was also given the nod of approval by another Instagram user, @aisleofshame, who referred to the black forest bacon as the "BEST BACON EVER!" One user commented on the user's post, saying, "Omg... my husband is OBSESSED with this bacon. I buy it three packs at a time."

If you are on the hunt for bacon that won't break the bank, Costco's variation comes with an even more affordable price tag of $4 per pound. According to the Wall Street Journal, Costco can sell its Kirkland brand items for approximately 20% less than competing products (this is the reason Costco bacon is so cheap). A reporter from Insider claimed that the thick-cut variation at Costco is a great bang for your buck. The bacon has a salty flavor and crispy texture and is also not too greasy.