Beat Bobby Flay Judge Says You Can Heat Your Turkey Up In The Dishwasher

Thanksgiving is a joyous occasion, and most of us appreciate the reminder us to count our blessings. But it's also a stressful moment for home cooks across America. There is a lot to cook, creating a heavy burden for the host. And many Americans have high expectations for their favorite traditional dishes, so those in charge of the meal may feel intense anxiety over pleasing their guests (per HuffPost and Self)

But the biggest problem for many is the timing of everything (via Washington Post). A turkey isn't something most people cook every day, and its size can be daunting. How long do you cook it for and how do you know when the turkey is cooked through? And, no less important, how do you prepare everything else with a giant bird taking up your entire oven? People blessed to have two ovens in their kitchen face a less daunting task, but anyone preparing a meal from scratch feels the turkey pinch for space. 

What if you could use another appliance for your turkey? But what other appliance is even big enough to fit a turkey? Obviously, the fridge won't do, but "Beat Bobby Flay" judge Robbie Shoults says you can heat your turkey in the dishwasher.

Hot smoked bird, fresh from the dish cycle

There are some caveats: This won't work on just any turkey. You can't take your turkey out of its brine and put it through the rinse cycle instead of the oven, and the dishwasher won't solve your Thanksgiving turkey defrosting woes. Those who are looking for creative solutions and are flexible with the kind of bird they serve, however, may take real comfort in this unusual approach to succulent — and warm — turkey meat.

Robbie Shoults owns Bear Creek Smokehouse, and he's talking about the smoked turkeys the company makes.  Per a press release sent to Mashed, the dishwasher is a really great choice for heating Bear Creek Smokehouse turkeys, which come pre-cooked and smoked in a vacuum-sealed package. You need to keep the bird in its original packaging, but as long as the vacuum seal is intact, you can take that turkey and put it straight into the dishwasher. Your dishwasher's water gets up to a  temperature between 120 and 150 degrees (a key part of the cleaning process, per Maytag) and that heat, coupled with the considerable length of the dishwashing cycle, gets it nice and hot.

Just one final tip: If you take this route, just remember not to add any soap to your cycle. You can skip the rinse aid, too. Hot smoked turkey in your dishwasher can relieve some holiday stress, but soapy meat could spoil your appetite.