José Andrés Is Off To Spain With His Family For New Food Travel Series

Celebrity chef José Andrés is no stranger to getting in touch with his Spanish roots. Still, the humanitarian is taking the idea to exciting new heights with his new show, "José Andrés and Family in Spain" (via Food and Wine). The series will see Andrés take viewers on a journey throughout the Spanish countryside and into cities to explore the many traditional foods Spain has to offer.

According to Discovery+, the six-part series will also feature Andrés' three daughters — Carota, Inés, and Lucia — as they rediscover their father's culinary beginnings, including trying world-class cuisine in Barcelona, the home of the infamous el Bulli restaurant where Andrés first got a taste of the world of high-class fare.

When asked about his family's experience filming the show, Andrés said, "My daughters have heard endless stories about the people, places, and food that shaped me as a young man but we got the chance to go visit, meet and taste everything together. There is no better way to learn about Spanish culture than with a fork and spoon in hand" (via Tasting Table).

Dining in the Spanish country side

In addition to Barcelona, Spain, chef José Andrés' new Discovery+ series, "José Andrés and Family in Spain," will also see the chef and his daughters travel to the Spanish capital of Madrid to indulge in authentic Spanish churros, a dessert that has become popular all over the world. Viewers will also follow the Andrés' to the Mediterranean port city of Valencia, where the series will dive into paella, a traditional rice and seafood recipe popularized in the region and loved by foodies everywhere.

Andrés' new series is part of the culinary mogul's media group, José Andrés Media (via José Andrés Media). The company is home to a number of the chef's other projects, including Longer Tables, a podcast centered on highlighting the food that makes up the world's diverse cultural landscape. This latest show is the company's first streaming show, but Andrés' media group promises that more projects are on the horizon for the star chef and his team. For now, "José Andrés and Family in Spain" will debut on December 27.