Trader Joe's Controversial Truffle Hot Sauce Is Back On Shelves

While Trader Joe's items have developed cult followings for "unique" qualities like rosemary croutons made from "flaky croissant instead of the typical bread," (per FinanceBuzz), others stand to be discontinued ... sometimes for good like the tofu edamame nuggets

Trader Joe's is committed to providing value to its customers, stating, "if an item doesn't pull its weight in our stores, it goes away, making room for another innovative new product," according to the About Us section of its website. Although the page offers some insight into how a product "earn[s] a spot" on store shelves by being subjected to "rigorous tasting," it doesn't go into much explanation as to why products are taken off. To add some complexity, Trader Joe's doesn't close the door completely on all discontinued items either. Their truffle hot sauce with black truffles is back on shelves marking its second comeback since it debuted just two years ago in November 2020 (per subreddit and Instagram announcements).

Trader Joe's truffle hot sauce: A sauce for all seasons

Trader Joe's truffle hot sauce is sold for around $8, compared to the going rate offered by competitor Truff where bottles start at around $18 per bottle. Still, the reviews surrounding the value-priced sauce are split, according to comments left on the Trader Joe's List account on Instagram. Those who are on team truffle hot sauce "Looooove it," while non-fans respond less favorably to the news calling the sauce "horrific." For one user @lex_eb, it's the stuff of "nightmares."

The sauce is described as having a "put-it-on-everything versatility," per the Trader Joe's product page and Instagram fans agree. One user says it is "Delicious on eggs!" Another considers it an "all time fave [sic]" and suggests stocking up on the stuff "all year." 

This November makes it the second time the polarizing product has made its return early in the month ahead of the Thanksgiving rush (per @TraderJoesList) which is good news for one Instagrammer who adds the black truffle hot sauce to Trader Joe's "seasonal turkey rice."