The Spicy Game-Day Pasta Rachael Ray Can't Resist

When people say "game day," classic tailgate refreshments such as hot dogs and beer are typically what come to mind. But celebrity chef Rachael Ray has another suggestion for folks wanting to upgrade their pregame meal. Ray was born and raised in Upstate New York, where watching fall football games is a regional tradition — so naturally, she doesn't take Football Sundays lightly (as evident from her lavish game-day boards on Instagram).

Ray has told the NFL that she is a die-hard New York Jets fan, and one of her favorite ways to celebrate a big game is to whip up a whole feast of food for friends and family. Her blog has been the blueprint for many watch parties, featuring recipes from Buffalo Chicken Pizza to Loaded Baked Potato Bites. Just recently, the Food Network star released the recipe for her husband's favorite game-day meal, which will instantly up any spread.

This pasta matches the spirit of the game

Rather than snacking on bits of chips and popcorn during halftime, you might want to try Rachael Ray's hearty, game-day pasta. This dish, which combines spice and cheesy goodness, captures everything that a fall dish should be. It's warm, comforting, and most importantly of all, loaded with flavor.

All that's needed to make this meal are pasta, bacon, cheese, and sriracha. Ray's blog post gives a guideline of how much to use when serving a party of six, but measurements can also be customized depending on one's spice tolerance and cheese preferences. The type of pasta can also be adjusted, though the food celebrity loves using a local sriracha fusilli, which packs in extra spice, from a manufacturer in Upstate New York.

Ray's husband, John, loves this dish, as it has the perfect amount of bite that doesn't take the excitement away from the game. The recipe that Ray deems "crazy, crazy, crazy good" can be found here.