You Can Score 50% Off Domino's Pizza By Ordering Online

Yes, you read that correctly. Domino's is doing pizza lovers a solid, once again, by offering all of their pizzas at half the menu price all week long — through November 20 — if you order online. The pizza chain tweeted the news on their Twitter page Monday afternoon with a simple "50% off pizza, anyone?" question.

Domino's is known to offer various online discounts throughout the year, all of which you can find on their Coupons webpage, but this 50% deal is one of the best. The offer seems to pop up at least twice a year. In late spring, the deal was available from June 6-12, according to a Domino's press release.

Now for the fine print. The offer is valid only for online orders, so if you try to get the deal over the phone or in person, you'll be out of luck. The coupon also states that a minimum purchase is required for delivery, and if your order contains non-pizza items, the discount will be applied only to the pizza items.

The offer is valid on any pizza, including specialty pizzas

As soon as you visit the Domino's website, you'll see the 50% off offer in all caps, so it's pretty hard to miss. But even if you do miss it, the web developers were nice enough to include a reminder on several other pages of the website.

So whether you're in the mood for the Memphis BBQ Chicken, the Honolulu Hawaiian, or the Philly Cheese Steak pizza — or all three — you can get all Domino's pizzas for half off. Just be sure to activate the coupon before adding the pizzas to your shopping cart.

According to the Domino's press release from June, the 50% offer returned to stores in June in response to "wallets being squeezed." However, an official press release for the current deal hasn't been launched as of the time of this story. Could it have something to do with the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday that will squeeze our wallets once again? Or maybe it's just their way of saying thank you to their customers. Either way, we'll take it. Thanks, Domino's!