What Happens If You Try To Make Cake In A Panini Press?

The panini press can do far more than making paninis, according to Food52, which sang the praises of the tool's versatility and ability to act as an indoor grill. Chefs can use this appliance to recreate the appearance, taste, and feel of grilled food without setting foot outdoors or dealing with a clunky appliance.

Because panini presses can heat foods from both top and bottom, they speed up the cooking process, according to Williams Sonoma Taste. It takes about four minutes to cook a chicken breast thoroughly. Experts say that thinner cuts of meat, like paillards, are best for grilling on the press. Be sure to brush the meat with olive oil or marinate it beforehand to keep it from sticking to the surface.

You can also grill more than meat on a panini press. Prepare your vegetables, quesadillas, and kabobs using this method to keep your culinary process indoors. And don't stop at grilling. There are other creations you probably didn't know you can make in a panini press.

Make tiny confections in a panini press

If you've embraced the versatility of the panini press as a grill for your kitchen, you might be wondering what else this many-purpose appliance can accomplish. The panini press can also be a qualified baking assistant allowing you to make amazing things. Betty Crocker explained that this appliance can serve as a little oven for baking teeny, tiny, personal cakes. Simply prepare a small batch of your favorite cake batter, and fill a greased ramekin. Place the filled ramekin on the inside of your heated press, and close the lid. In about 15 minutes, you'll have an adorable, personal-sized confection.

But why limit the panini press's baking abilities to cake? Make breakfast pastries like biscuits or cinnamon rolls, too. If you grease the inside of a panini press and place the dough inside, gently closing the lid, you'll be ready to chow down in no more than five minutes, per My Recipes. Whatever you decide to ultimately cook, grill, or bake, the panini press remains a versatile tool in your kitchen.