Why You Should Use Eggs Instead Of Other Proteins, According To John Kanell - Exclusive

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The Preppy Kitchen's John Kanell creates incredible-tasting recipes that are easy-to-follow for his more than 3 million subscribers on YouTube. From his velvety éclairs to his decadent flan recipe, fans love to try their hand at making his desserts and other flavorful dishes. While promoting his partnership with The Incredible Egg, Kanell shared with us in an exclusive interview why eggs are the perfect protein for a variety of reasons.

"I was so excited to partner with America's Egg Farmers because eggs are one of the most versatile ingredients I use every day in the kitchen," he explained. "They can do everything from making an amazing, and very easy, egg casserole or savory bread pudding for the morning, to the most amazing silky frosting, or a creamy custard, perfect for your guests." The cookbook author also revealed another significant reason eggs are better than other ingredients, which is important to consider with rising costs at the grocery store.

Eggs are an affordable option that creates the ideal finish

With the price of food soaring across the country, eggs are a great alternative to other types of expensive fare. "Eggs are so versatile, but they're also giving you a value for your money and per unit," Kanell told Mashed. "Each egg has 6 grams of protein, and adding that to your recipes is adding protein in, as well as adding all the other amazing things that eggs do, like give you that wonderful consistency, or puff things up, or make things silky, or create beautiful, rich flavors. They are definitely a wonderful protein to use."

The cook revealed he uses eggs in every single recipe because they give you a melt-in-your-mouth texture to any meal you make. He divulged that his ultimate favorite way to use them is in his éclairs. 

"I can eat an entire batch," he admitted. "[It's] an éclair made with a choux pastry, which is eggs mixed with flour and butter, and it creates a wonderful silky pastry that you can make anything from churros to eclairs with, and it puffs up in the oven and once cooled, you fill it with the most amazing crème pâtissier, which is an amazing combination of vanilla, cream, eggs, and sugar. It is a dazzling concoction."

For more information on The Incredible Egg, visit their website. John Kanell's cookbook "Preppy Kitchen: Recipes for Seasonal Dishes and Simple Pleasures" is available on Amazon.