Anya Taylor-Joy Spilled The Tea On Nicholas Hoult's The Menu Scenes

From Parker Finn's creepy, crowd-pleasing thriller "Smile" to Zach Cregger's groundbreaking horror film "Barbarian," scary movie lovers have had plenty of material to get through this fall. But spooky season is far from over, and some of the highest-profile movies this season have yet to be released. If you are a fan of deadly games and delicious food, then the movie premiere for you is right around the corner. "The Menu," starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicholas Hoult, and Ralph Fiennes, revolves around a couple's trip to an exclusive island (via IMDb). At this remote destination, a guest list comprised of select individuals has been invited to enjoy the meal of their dreams (or their nightmares).

As excited fans anxiously await the film's release, scary movie buffs have been tuning into behind-the-scene discussions surrounding "The Menu." In an interview with "The Hook," Taylor-Joy discussed her favorite kind of meal. "Anything with truffles on it. It's just so good," "The Queen's Gambit" star raved. "Every time I see truffles on a menu, I'm just like the choice has been made for me." (There's actually a reason why truffles are so irresistible — not just for Taylor-Joy but for everyone). In another interview on "Live with Kelly and Ryan," the Miami-born actress dished on her on-screen love interest's eating habits on set.

Nicholas Hoult didn't hold back on the bread basket while filming The Menu

Food scenes can be grueling to film for actors. Sometimes, you are forced to eat something disgusting, like Emilia Clarke, who ate 28 fake horse hearts on the set of "Game of Thrones" that she said "tasted like bleach and raw pasta" (via The Mirror). Other times, you must eat the same food repeatedly until you get the scene right, which happened to child actress Amara Miller while filming an ice cream scene for "The Descendants," according to Indie Wire

One can imagine that the actors that starred in "The Menu" had to navigate the challenge of eating real food during several scenes. Anya Taylor-Joy spoke about the experience on "Live with Kelly and Ryan," mostly discussing her co-star Nicholas Hoult's approach to those scenes. According to the 26-year-old actress, Hoult "went for it — every meal, take after take." "There was one day I was genuinely concerned about his health," Taylor-Joy admitted (via People).

"He ate so much — I'm talking about the weight of a small whale in terms of bread, just every take," Taylor-Joy continued, referring to the phenomenon as "bread gate." While Taylor-Joy was concerned that the "Skins" star was "not going to make it," it seemed as though Hoult was able to pull through without falling ill. Phew!