Bobby Flay Says To 'Slather' His Date-Lime Butter On Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes have a lot going for them. The orange-fleshed spuds are rich in fiber, as well as a whole spate of vitamins and minerals like eye-enriching beta carotene. All this put together makes them nutritional superstars, adept at improving digestion, and limiting inflammation, and they even could have cancer-preventing qualities, says Medical News Today.

Cultures all over the world have embraced sweet potatoes as part of everyday life, although they were originally native to Central and South America, per the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, which also notes that sweet potatoes and yams are NOT the same thing, thank you very much.

Although many everyday dinner tables lack sweet potatoes, they tend to show up this time of year on holiday menus. Typically, they're served mixed in with a bunch of ingredients that somewhat undo the potato's superpowers, like sugar, marshmallows, and such. Now, celebrity chef Bobby Flay has a new way to make and dress sweet potatoes that is absolutely mouth-watering.

Here's how Bobby Flay wants you to handle sweet potatoes

The "Beat Bobby Flay" host recently released a new cookbook in tandem with his daughter, Sophie. Aptly titled, "Sundays With Sophie," the tome features a ton of new recipes from Bobby Flay, including much-loved basics like deli chicken salad. One of the recipes is "grilled sweet potatoes drizzled in an herby citrus vinaigrette," per the book description.

In a recent interview with People, Flay adapted the sweet potato recipe for holiday perfection, including a "creamy date-lime butter." The latter, he says, can be made several days in advance, then, "just slather it on the potatoes when they're roasted and piping hot." Even better, the whole recipe only requires 10 minutes of "active time," although the potatoes do have to roast for 40 or so minutes. Clearly, this is a major benefit for those holiday cooks who've either volunteered for or been thrust into the often overwhelming role.