Duff Goldman Is Having A Broccoli Parade On Twitter

If you've ever watched Andrew Zimmern's "Bizarre Foods," you know there are some interesting meals being served up around the world. Earlier this week, Reddit user u/rae_chuu wanted to know if their fellow Redditors had ever witnessed any of them. "What's the craziest food you've ever seen or tasted?" they asked on Wednesday, November 15, in a thread that quickly amassed several responses. "Seen, spider monkey brain, but I couldn't bring myself to eat it," u/AnHoangNgo said, while u/xmasgator divulged that they had tried "skewered, grilled chicken hearts at some fancy ramen place."

Other answers in the thread included duck tongues, kangaroo steak, and "lime jello, marshmallow, cottage cheese surprise," all of which are certainly unusual things to have on our plates. However, for Food Network star Duff Goldman, apparently one of the most unusual forms of sustenance is one we're all pretty familiar with.

"Broccoli is crazy," the Charm City Cakes owner declared in a late-night post to his Twitter account on November 17. His sentiments were seemingly shared at random, though it's quite possible Goldman had caught wind of u/rae_chuu's Reddit question and felt like sharing his thoughts. Regardless of the reasoning behind his tweet, it's generated a bit of buzz on the social media platform.

Do you think broccoli is crazy?

We wouldn't exactly categorize broccoli as a bizarre food you need to try before you die, though we can understand why Duff Goldman considers the veggie to be one of the more mindblowing pieces of produce — it is basically a miniature tree, after all. Apparently, some of his fans can relate. Goldman's seemingly random broccoli tweet earned a parade of responses from others on the platform, including one from Twitter user @ennaciv. "So true bestie," they said.

Twitter user @ScottKerfien added to Goldman's thought, responding that broccoli is "crazy good," while a third said it's "crazy delicious." Meanwhile, a fourth user tried to understand Goldman's reasoning, asking if he thinks broccoli is crazy because it's a flower. "Chopped" host Ted Allen also wanted to know more and asked his fellow Food Network star to "go on" in his response. "They always make me think of fractals," Goldman explained, which, if you're like us and haven't sat in a math class for some time, is a "never-ending pattern," according to Fractal Foundation.

Despite earning a fair number of replies, it's still unclear what made Goldman share his thoughts about broccoli on social media. However, we did get some insight as to how the cake maker likes his prepared. "I like my broccoli a little overcooked," he shared in a follow-up tweet. We'll be filing that one away in "random facts about Duff Goldman that might be useful in the future."