A Dunkin' Manager's Cussing Over Oat Milk Has Shaken TikTok

A Dunkin' manager lost it over an oat milk order. The oat milk drinker she lost it on posted the video to TikTok, and now TikTok is losing it too.

Oat milk is not an outlandish order in 2022, and it was noted in 2020 already that oat milk was the second most popular substitute for cow milk (Almond milk being the first), per Food Dive. If you know Dunkin', you will know ordering oat milk from the coffee chain is not a big ask. The donut company included the plant-based substitute in its inventory in August 2020, which was prudent, since 48% of Americans are lactose intolerant, per The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Be this as it may, some believe that most specialized dietary requirements are preferences rather than actual medical issues and intolerances (as noted by food and restaurant critic John Lethlean, per The New Daily). While this does not justify the Dunkin manager on TikTok cursing at the oat milk customer, perhaps it creates some context.

TikTok is generally unhappy with this manager

In a nutshell, the video producer (apparently lactose intolerant) asked the person serving her at the Dunkin' drive-through for two iced chai lattes and added afterward that she needed oat milk. The order, at this point, was already placed (although the drinks were still unmade), and the manager who was serving thes guest grumbled that she would have to start over. After the order was placed and confirmed for a second time, the TikToker giggled, and the manager took offense.

From there onwards, it was downhill. The serving window slammed shut, but the oat milk lover waited until it opened, and this is where the video started. Said video ended with manager shouting: "get out of my f***ing line. Now."

The manager, according to the general TikTok sentiments, was wrong. This Dunkin incident, it seems, is not isolated (per the Complaints Board). "That's why I do not go either. [I] had the same thing happen!! They don't care!!!" says Halli Jean Williams. "Why are Dunkin employees always the worst?" asks Zo. Our condolences go out to Jazmin Lopez, though who says: "I always forget I'm lactose because I have ADHD."