You Can Now Drink Wine And Beer As You Shop At Publix

Regardless of which store you choose, grocery shopping can be stressful. Maybe the store doesn't have your hard-to-find grocery items. Maybe other shoppers are being rude, stopping in the middle of aisles or getting in line for express checkout with an overflowing cart. Maybe the store is just really busy. We get it, we've all been there. However, Publix recently launched a new service that can upgrade any stressful shopping experience to a good time. Well, if you're of drinking age, that is.

Those who already shop at Publix are likely familiar with the services offered in the bakery department. In addition to fresh bread, cakes, and other desserts, some Publix locations offer a cafe. The Publix Cafe serves a variety of drinks, from lattes and coffee to tea and smoothies. Publix's latest bakery installment is Publix Pours, which gives shoppers a chance to enjoy a beer or a glass of wine during their visit. So what exactly is on tap?

Enjoy a draft beer while you shop

Seems pretty revolutionary to be sipping wine while you do your grocery shopping, right? Well, according to Fox 35 Orlando, Publix actually first launched its Publix Pours service back in 2018 at its Tallahassee location. Since then, Publix has added five additional Pours, all of which are located in Florida. That being said, the chain plans to open more Publix Pours in the coming years.

Alright, alright, let's get to what everyone wants to know -– what can you order at this grocery store bar? Similarly to the Publix Cafe menu, Publix Pours offers smoothies, tea, and coffee. However, if you're over the age of 21, you can also order wine and draft beer, plus on-tap kombucha. These drinks can be enjoyed either at the bar or on the go as you pick up all the items on your grocery list. While grocery shopping will never be a party, having a glass full of boozy bubbles might just make the experience a little more bearable.