TikTok Is Losing It Over This Order McDonald's Exposed In Times Square

Have you ever wondered what other people are ordering at drive-thru windows? Most people have. The viral YouTube trend that had influencers driving up to fast food eateries and asking for the same order as the car in front of them is proof enough. The Times Square McDonald's location is a nosey foodie's dream. Gawkers who happen to be walking around Times Square in New York City have unfettered access to other people's food orders.

Thousands of McDonald's orders are funneled through the Times Square location daily; it's one of the burger chain's flashiest outposts. According to Eater, the midtown Manhattan location opened in 2019. It encompasses 11,000 square feet and can seat 170 people at a time. The giant billboard that shares customers' orders with the general public is a big draw, too. Despite its size, most orders placed at the location are pretty mundane. Still, with as many orders as the location sees, there are bound to be a few interesting ones. A recently placed order has TikTok users absolutely shocked, though.

A McDonald's order displayed in Time Square is being discussed on TikTok

On October 4, TikTok user Mcdonalds_hacks101 posted a video of the McDonald's billboard in Times Square. While the TikToker was just trying to capture the enormity of the billboard, his video caught a customer's bizarre order in the process, and people have been sounding off about it ever since.

In the video, the TikToker marvels at the billboard while an order for two medium fries with extra salt is displayed. Suddenly, the image changes to a new order. The order included just two items: a Filet-O-Fish sandwich and an orange juice. While the videographer didn't say much about the order, people sounded off in the comments.

Several TikTok users questioned why someone would dare order an orange juice to wash down a Filet-O-Fish sandwich. Other commenters questioned whether the CIA or the FBI had been made aware of the order. Most people just found the combination weird, but is it really that weird? Several other commenters insisted it was a perfectly normal order, or that they'd seen or ordered stranger combos themselves. A few commenters even theorized the meal might have been for a kid.

Stephen Patula, a McDonald's franchisee, rose to fame after he began sharing behind-the-scenes footage from his McDonald's location on social media. In a YouTube short, Patula revealed that the weirdest order he's ever taken was for a Sausage McGriddle with tartar sauce and slivered onions added. That combination certainly feels much stranger than Filet-O-Fish and OJ.