Reddit Is In Shambles Over A Hell's Kitchen Contestant's Magical Hat

Prestigious to some and comical to others, the famous towering white hats worn by chefs are actually designed to demonstrate the pristine condition of kitchens, as well as allegedly to stop strands of hair dropping into meals, explains Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. Officially called a toque, the taller the imposing headwear is the more senior the chef is supposed to be.

One budding chef who clearly demonstrated their love for the big white hat is Craig Schneider, who appeared on the hit cooking challenge show "Hell's Kitchen" in 2007 according to his LinkedIn profile. Facing the brutal hostilities of legendary chef Gordon Ramsay during Season 4 of the show (per YouTube), Schneider competed against many other chefs to try to win the enviable prizes of $250,000 and a distinguished chef's position at a restaurant, details Screen Rant.

Possibly trying to achieve a competitive edge over his rivals, Schneider deployed a cunning plan: He wore an absolutely enormous chef's hat. However, this particular aspect of his dress sense has been widely ridiculed on Reddit — and certainly didn't help his "Hell's Kitchen" experience.

Schneider's huge chef hat didn't represent his talents

Judging by YouTube clips from Season 4 of "Hell's Kitchen," chef Craig Schneider certainly seems to be lacking in the height department compared to other contestants. AtlasIsNotNice cruelly asks on Reddit: "small boy syndrome downstairs?" One Reddit user suggests scrawling "dunce" on the hat, while another compares Schneider to a universally disliked schoolchild.

Despite the impressive hat, Schneider was axed from "Hell's Kitchen" in Episode 4, details YouTube. After two other contestants facing the ax promised 100% and 125% effort respectively, Ramsay stared expectantly at Schneider, who said: "I don't know percentages... but, just, over that." Unimpressed, Ramsay dismissed Schneider, adding "thank you for giving me one big f***ing headache."

Reddit user justjustin10 believes Schneider would have won the competition had he been allowed to wear his hat throughout, claiming that his kitchen skills with the hat would have been superior to Ramsay's without it.