Pepsi Just Launched A Nutmeg Beverage For A Limited Time

Compared to other major soda brands, Pepsi is known for being especially adventurous and creative with its flavors. This is especially true in countries like Japan, where people can buy inventive Pepsi varieties like ice cucumber, salty watermelon, and chestnut-flavored Mont Blanc (via Japan Insides). More than a few of us will remember Pepsi Blue, too. And just this year, the soda maker released a s'mores collection with three flavors — toasty marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker — that encouraged customers to buy all three and mix them into their own custom s'mores soda.

While that promotion screamed summer nights by the campfire, Pepsi's newest release takes inspiration from a staple in many a baker's spice rack, especially during the holidays. But that's not the only tie-in to Pepsi's new drink: It's also arriving to the beat of worldwide soccer fever now that the 2022 World Cup is underway in Qatar. Though Pepsi is not FIFA's soda sponsor — that role belongs to Coca-Cola — the brand seems to be capitalizing on the soccer hype with its just-announced nutmeg soda.

The new flavor encourages Pepsi fans to expect the unexpected

Nutmeg, in terms of soccer and not your holiday cookies, is when a player passes or dribbles the ball between an opposing player's feet. For a defender to be "megged" is a bit of an embarrassment, explains Soccer Training Info. The skill is artfully demonstrated in a commercial released by Pepsi featuring some of soccer's greatest players —  including Argentina's Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho of Brazil, and Paul Pogba of France — being nutmegged by the locals and each other. It's a joyful video, showing off and, in its own way, celebrating the skill and dancing feet these elite athletes possess.

While a Pepsi press release details the concept behind the "Nutmeg Royale" commercial, it doesn't tell fans when and how to get the new soda; it simply says to await "product innovations from Pepsi in the coming weeks that you will not want to miss!" The brand did share a photo of nutmeg Pepsi on Twitter, and in response to a follower who said they "need to try" it, it said, "Get ready to score a taste soon!" Considering the World Cup won't have beer this year, the drink could be coming at an opportune time.