Jack In The Box Curated A Bundle With All Of Your Favorite Menu Items

The first Jack in the Box restaurant was opened in 1951 by Robert O. Peterson in San Diego, California. At that time, the chain sold hamburgers for around 18 cents and featured its iconic mascot, a clown popping out from a jack-in-the-box toy. The chain quickly grew and now has around 2,200 locations throughout the United States and Guam, with about 500 million customers each year, per Jack in the Box. With a majority of its locations open 18 to 24 hours and a unique menu with mix-and-match options, Jack in the Box values convenience, creativity, and cravings.

Popular menu items from Jack in the Box include tacos, curly fries, the Ultimate Cheeseburger, eggrolls, the Sourdough Jack, bacon and cheddar wedges, and chicken strips, according to Jack in the Box fans who shared their go-to orders on a post in the r/fastfood Reddit thread. Conveniently in time for Thanksgiving, the popular fast-food chain has a limited-time deal on a menu item that features some customer favorites, per Thrillist. Here's what you need to know about it.

The Fan Favs Box has something for everyone

Popular fast food chain Jack in the Box is having a Thanksgiving deal on some of its favorite menu items. It comes in the form of a Fan Favs Box that includes 13 mini tacos, eight onion rings, five small churros, and a huge pile of curly fries, according to Brand Eating. The deal is that fans can snag a box for $10, although prices may be different depending on location. The meal also comes with a creamy avocado sauce and buttermilk ranch for dipping.

It's unclear how long Jack in the Box's Fan Favs Box will be around, but to celebrate, the chain is having a buy-one, get-one offer on its boxes if ordered through the chain's app, per Thrillist. The BOGO deal is available starting November 23, 2022 and ends on November 25, 2022. If customers are part of the Jack in the Box rewards program, then they can also save an extra 20% off of their order. The Fan Favs Box can be ordered now at select participating Jack in the Box locations around the United States for a limited time.