Cat Cora Made A Special Friendsgiving Appearance On The Price Is Right

Get ready to play Plinko! "The Price is Right" has been on for 51 seasons now and Drew Carey is still welcoming some special guests. The game show is a television staple that is sure to put a smile on your face every time you watch it, and this time it was Cat Cora's turn to play. The Food Network star has appeared on "The Next Iron Chef," "Cutthroat Kitchen," and "Master Chef" to name a few. Now, Cora made her television debut on "The Price is Right," and fans could not be more thrilled.

The CBS series often airs holiday-themed episodes that cater to the upcoming season. This time it was Friendsgiving, which is a fun word that describes celebrating the traditional Thanksgiving ahead of the actual holiday with friends instead of family. According to "The Price is Right's" Facebook post from 2012, this is not the first time Cat Cora has arrived as a surprise guest on a Friendsgiving edition of the show.

Instagram is loving Cora's guest appearance

Cat Cora took to Instagram to announce her fun appearance, describing the episode as a "good one." The official "The Price is Right" Instagram commented back, "It was great having you come on down!" According to a YouTube video, Cora introduced a vegetable garden as an exciting prize for contestants. The "Iron Chef" explained that nothing upgrades your Thanksgiving meal like some fresh vegetables.

Cora's Instagram followers adored her guest appearance as one commenter said on her post, "This is so awesome Cat! I love 'The Price is Right.' Watched it all the time as a kid! Can't wait to watch you." Another Instagram user responded, "Watching now. So happy to see you!" as others described Cora as "amazing" and "priceless." Now that Cat Cora has managed to appear on the game show several times now, what are the odds she can get someone from Mashed on as a contestant?