The Unbelievable Dunkin' Drink Order That Left TikTok In Shambles

Whether or not you work in the food industry, we've all heard tales of customers who come in with a unique drink order. For instance, some of the weirdest orders include a "Gretzky" at Tim Hortons (nine sugars and nine creams, yikes), a chicken tender Blizzard at Dairy Queen, a 44-ounce cup of gravy and a straw at Sonic, a Frutista Freeze with ground beef at Taco Bell, and a Starbucks cold brew with 20 modifications. We're not making this stuff up!

As you might expect, chains specializing in drinks –- such as Starbucks and Dunkin' -– are especially prone to strange orders. Even Cosmopolitan has gone so far as to say that some customers' orders are "longer than the longest book you've ever read." Within that same vein, a Dunkin' customer recently had all of TikTok shaking with their extreme order.

This Dunkin' drink might just have every ingredient in it

The Dunkin' menu has dozens of drink options, but some customers take it upon themselves to concoct something so "unique" that the entire internet falls apart. This is precisely what happened after one girl's lengthy Dunkin' drink order went viral on TikTok.

According to the video's caption, the drink was ordered by a regular, whom the Dunkin' employee lovingly described as "a little kooky." The sticker label detailing the order seems to be at least twice as long as the cup is tall, and contains so many different syrups, milks, and teas, we can't even begin to keep track of them.

Needless to say, viewers were stunned by this Dunkin' order. One person asked, "Is she okay?" Another person commented, "When a customer orders all of this and says 'why is it so expensive?'" Others joked that this was the perfect solution for times "when you can't decide what to drink." Still, others insisted the order had to be a prank, and that no one would ever actually drink that. But who knows? Sometimes people just decide to go for the gusto.