Outback Steakhouse's 'No Worries Days' Just Returned For A Limited Time

With the onrush of obligations at work and home plus all the problems that can or do happen, it can feel like everything is about to start circling the drain at any minute. People may seek out different ways to de-stress. It is impossible to say whether a deal on steak will be one of those ways, but Outback Steakhouse probably wouldn't want foodies to rule it out as an option. While not every signature steak on Outback's menu can be a slam dunk for every customer, it has a wide variety, including center-cut sirloin for under $20 and Victoria's filet mignon.

In years past, Outback has been known to try to reduce customers' stress by cutting the cost of meals in the "No Worries Wednesday" deal. The "No Worries" offer started as far back as 2013 and allowed two diners to order a meal for just $25. As the company's chief marketing officer put it at the time in a press release, "You've got enough stress." Back then, the worry-less meal came with an appetizer or dessert along with two entrees and a soup or salad. By 2015, the hump day deal had apparently evolved, providing a single three-course meal for a starting price of $12.99 (via Facebook). And now, a similar deal is back on the table.

Beef on a budget

In a recent Twitter post, Outback Steakhouse confirmed that "No Worries" days are indeed back. Through a video featuring shots of sizzling meat, seasoned fries, and beverages, Outback shared that the returning deal would be offered from Monday, November 28 through Thursday, December 1 (so not just Wednesdays this time). The deal includes steak, beer, and fries, for a beginning price of $13.99.

Would the deal by any other name be just as worry-free? In July, Outback ran an ad on YouTube for Walkabout Wednesdays, during which customers could order a steak or chicken, beer or Coca-Cola, and fries for $13.99. The eatery later announced on Instagram that an extremely similar No Worries deal would be on offer from October 24 through 27. Whether the restaurant is inviting fans to walk about on a Wednesday or "kick back and relax" from Monday to Thursday, Outback clearly wants meat and potatoes (in fry form) to be part of the equation with a cold drink to wash it all down. As far as what to call these deal days, we're guessing that the chain wouldn't want you to worry about it.