Starbucks For Life Is Returning For A Boost Of Holiday Spirit

Starbucks is bringing back its Starbucks for Life sweepstakes for the holiday season, the popular coffee chain announced this week in a press release. Starbucks for Life was first launched on December 2, 2014, and ran through January 5, 2015. At that time, any customer who paid with a Starbucks card or through the chain's mobile app could enter the Starbucks for Life competition, where there were 482,000 prizes available for people to win.

After entering a special code from their Starbucks receipts online, 10 lucky U.S. winners received Starbucks for Life and a 10-karat gold Starbucks card, engraved with their name and valued at $5,000. One gold Ultimate Starbucks Card was made available to win in the United Kingdom, and four were up for grabs in Canada. To put the winnings into perspective, Starbucks for Life (or, free Starbucks every day for 30 years) gives winners enough grande caramel macchiatos to line the length of 39 jetliners, or about the number of venti green teas it takes to fill up 45 bathtubs. The Starbucks for Life contest has definitely changed since its introduction in 2014, and this year's game includes updates all hopefuls should know about.

Starbucks Rewards members can win one of 4 million prizes

Now through January 1, 2023, anyone who is 18 or older and a member of Starbucks' U.S. rewards program can log in and play in the eighth Starbucks for Life contest in hopes of winning one of 4 million prizes available, according to an announcement by the chain. Potential prizes include 1,000 bonus stars, exclusive Starbucks for Life merchandise, a free drink or food item, or a pair of round-trip Delta Air Lines tickets. Of course, the grand(e) prizes are free Starbucks for one month, six months, or life. Two lucky rewards members will win Starbucks for life, and prizes can be redeemed at participating stores only.

To play, Starbucks rewards members will have to log into the Starbucks for Life website and complete various activities, including "shaking" a globe to earn different badges and playing a running and jumping game called "Holiday Run." If rewards members win 25 stars, Starbucks will make a donation to No Kid Hungry. The two lucky fans who win Starbucks for Life will receive a credit for one free beverage or food item each day for 30 years, as will winners of Starbucks for one month and six months.