White Castle's Captain Puffy Collab Just Dropped The 'Sprite Puffy Mix'

"Minecraft" may have put Captain Puffy on the map, but now, the gaming and social media influencer has left her mark on White Castle's drink menu as well, per Stark Times and Chew Boom. The gaming guru rose to Internet fame on video game streaming platform Twitch, where she has more than a million followers, according to Streams Charts. She also has amassed a sizable social media following, with more than 600,000 Instagram followers and 1.3 million Twitter followers.

The 23-year-old New Yorker is now known as the third member of the exclusive Minecraft server Dream SMP. From Twitch, she broadcasts her "Minecraft" skills and streams her time playing the popular game "Among Us."

White Castle, which is a favorite dining spot in the gaming community, debuted its new Puffy partnership yesterday, QSR reported. The Internet celeb is slated to use her platforms on social media to promote the new product.

White Castle reaches out to gaming community through collab

Gaming influencer Captain Puffy has infused the White Castle menu with a touch of purple power, according to Chew Boom. Sprite Puffy Mix, which is only available at the popular burger chain, debuted yesterday.

The "Coca Cola Freestyle" soda features Sprite's classic lemon and lime flavors but also adds in some grape and raspberry notes. Members of White Castle's Craver Nation loyalty program will get a free cup of Sprite Puffy Mix with their order through the app or website with the promotion code "PUFFY" until the end of December.

White Castle collaborated with Captain Puffy in an attempt to reach the gaming community, QSR reported, noting that the burger chain's menu is especially geared toward video gamers. In particular, the sliders are great for gaming because they can be held with only one hand and are easy to scarf down.