Kendall Jenner's 818 Tequila Brand Has An Alcohol-Infused Chocolate On The Way

Isn't it just the most exciting feeling, knowing your favorite brand of tequila has a bun in the oven? That's right: 818, the tequila brought to you by Kendall Jenner, is expecting, and rumor has it the stork could be dropping this new little bundle of joy on your doorstep anytime now.

You see, when a celebrity tequila brand and a Los Angeles-based chocolatier love each other, very much, sometimes they decide to, ahem, collaborate. In this case, the result is an adorable new addition to the Compartés line of fancy chocolates, called "Toffee and Tequila," a chocolate bar infused with 818's Tequila Reposado (per Thrillist). This is Compartés first tequila chocolate, so obviously it wanted a cool, caring company to seal the deal with. Jenner's brand has seen its share of controversy, but you can't say it's not cool, and according to an interview with Jimmy Fallon last year, it's working on the "caring" part, too (per YouTube). "We've actually partnered with 1% For The Planet to donate 1% of our revenue to planet-saving initiatives." And what do you get when you put an eco-conscious celebrity tequila brand in a room with LA's hippest chocolatier? 

Love! This particular brand of love costs $9.95 and comes with a no-melt guarantee; and, if you live in L.A., you can even pick it up curbside.

Compartés makes the chocolate bar

Los Angeles Times once described the Compartés chocolate shop in Hollywood as "the perfect hybrid of Willy Wonka, a Chanel boutique, and a David Bowie music video," which definitely sounds like exactly the kind of place that might get together with a tequila brand to make an alcohol-infused chocolate baby. That's probably why Compartés' owner, Jonathan Grahm, called 818 the "perfect natural fit to partner with" on the chocolate bar he declares "the most memorable gift this holiday season" (per Thrillist). 

And to be sure, the holidays are a time of decadence; gifting (or receiving) chocolates (or spirits) is a seasonal staple. The collab between 818 and Compartés means you don't have to do just one — put all those things together and you've got "Toffee and Tequila," a chocolate Compartés says has hints of toffee and sea salt. And, according to 818 Tequila, the brand's reposado has caramel and vanilla notes, with a pecan pie finish, which sounds great as a spiked chocolate filler. The only thing better than tequila and fancy chocolate is tequila in fancy chocolate, right? We have a feeling that this chocolate bar will inspire yuletide cheer and carols by the fireside.