How Many Guests Can You Really Bring With You To Costco?

For a warehouse retail chain, it should be expected that Costco operates some fairly big stores. The largest of its locations is found in Salt Lake City, where, according to Deseret News, 235,000 square feet of space is dedicated to providing customers with everything they could ever desire. There are 845 Costco stores across the world, per the brand's website, meaning that the company has certainly made its mark on the geography of the planet.

Costco also reports that it boasts an impressive membership of 118.9 million, and with annual sales of over $222 billion, it would certainly seem that these members are happy to spend their cash at the company's warehouses.

Regardless of whether you obtain an individual or business card, membership access at Costco ranges from $60 to $120, allowing subscribers access to Costco stores and all of the necessities, treats, and bargains. Assuming you're a kind-hearted person, it's natural that you'd want to share access with your friends and loved ones — but exactly how many people are allowed to join you on your Costco shopping adventures?

You can only take a limited number of people with you to Costco

Costco limits the number of people cardholders can bring with them as guests. According to Costco's website, a maximum of two guests per cardholder are permitted to access stores. However, this restriction does not appear to apply to children, creating a potentially lucrative loophole if you happen to be a schoolteacher who needs help with a particularly hefty shopping list.

Even though guests are allowed to join members on their shopping experience, only cardholders are authorized to purchase products. If you've got some especially compulsive shoppers with you during your Costco visit, it's probably worth making sure you've got plenty of money in your bank account.

You're not going to get around Costco's restrictions by visiting rival warehouse stores, either. Sam's Club has the same two-person policy as Costco, and its website makes clear that only card members can use the membership. BJ's Wholesale Club also enforces a two-guest limit, but the company adds that household memberships can add three supplementary members for $30 each. Business members can add one for free and seven for $30 each.