Costco's Cinnamon Butter Sugar Loaves Just Made A Comeback

You've probably heard Andy Williams' hit holiday song "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year." Originally released in 1963, the crooner claims that the season of giving is, well, wonderful, and for a number of reasons, such as having "parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting, and caroling out in the snow" (via Billboard). Now, 59 years later, much of his argument still rings true. However, we can't help but wonder what Williams would belt out if the tune was written post-Y2K. Holiday movie marathons would most certainly make the list, and we would imagine sipping festive drinks from Starbucks' iconic red cups would, as well. Stocking up on yummy seasonal treats would also probably get a mention — especially if Williams had come across packs of Costco's butter cinnamon sugar loaves.

Consisting of three loaf-shaped pound cakes that have been "literally" dunked in melted butter and rolled in cinnamon sugar, according to one alleged Costco bakery employee on Reddit, this baked good is a must-buy for many cardholders when it makes its return. Unfortunately, it's a bit hard to time the re-surfacing of this mouthwatering treat. Their appearance can be a bit sporadic, with one recent sighting occurring in February 2021, and the next evidently not coming until September of this year (via SheKnows and Hunker). Luckily, the wait for another batch won't be quite as long this time around, as they've recently popped up on Instagram, and shoppers couldn't be more thrilled — well, mostly.

The holiday treat is back, but with a price hike

Credit for alerting us of the baked good's return goes to Instagram user @costcobuys, who shared a video of the loaves on display at their local warehouse over the weekend. "These butter pound cakes have a cinnamon sugar crust & cinnamon swirl..I'm obsessed," they captioned their post on December 3. Based on the comments, they're not the only ones.

"THESE ARE SO FIRE," said Instagram user @fannypacksnack on the post. "They make the best French toast!" another shared, while user @cp_garvey admitted they ate all three loaves by themselves within the span of a week and a half. "So good," the Instagrammer quipped. The loaves have been lauded on Reddit, where one person even penned a note to the inventor of the treat. "I don't know whether to thank you or to curse you!" u/youdontlookadayover wrote. "This stuff is amazing and dangerous," they said.

While the hype around this goodie certainly seems to be real, its $14.99 price tag is not so great. "These are amazing but they used to be $9.99," one Instagrammer pointed out. "I get inflation but 50%?" said another, though even with the price hike, many shoppers still seem eager to buy the loaves.