Nick Fuentes Chucked Sprite At Critics Inside An In-N-Out

Patrons at an In-N-Out in Hollywood got a little extra side dish with their orders when white nationalist Nick Fuentes popped in for a little grub. It seems that the beloved hamburger joint narrowly avoided turning into a WWE ring after Fuentes was caught on camera fully hurling his beverage at a fellow patron. A Twitter user posted a video of the event saying, "Nick Fuentes having a little tantrum. No idea why. Would love to get context."

Indeed, the footage shows the erstwhile "America First with Nicholas J. Fuentes" host load up his throwing arm and hurl a soda (apparently a Sprite) at the back of a man standing nearby, also spraying multiple other customers in the vicinity.

Fuentes is no stranger to conflict. He attended the 2017 "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia and later disenrolled from Boston University after he was allegedly targetted by threats, says Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The supremacist event went from highly controversial to tragic when an attendee drove his car into counter-protesters, killing one woman and injuring many more, per NPR. Since the rally, the Holocaust denier has parlayed his notoriety into a full-scale career as a white nationalist unifier, pundit, and organizer. Now it seems Fuentes has acted out in an In-N-Out.

Here's what allegedly caused Nick Fuentes to throw a Sprite

Nick Fuentes wasn't alone at the In-N-Out fracas. He was accompanied by fellow controversial figure, Sneako, a YouTuber who was banned from the platform after repeated violations of the community guidelines, per HITC.

Sneako replied to the original Twitter video requesting context to explain how the situation played out. According to him, "Before this goes viral, I know this is going to look bad on Nick Fuentes," he says in the reply video. He points to ketchup on the ceiling and then explains that the condiment is there because, "Some lady and her husband came up to us, flipped us off and then threw the ketchup all over me and Nick, mostly Nick," Sneako says. "[Nick] retaliated with the Sprite." Sneako explains that he and Fuentes, "were attacked first and we told them to go away. They went away and threw ketchup at us." The ketchup clearly got all over the place, including on Sneako's favorite sweatshirt, he laments. Of Fuentes, Sneako says, "He should not have thrown the Sprite, but that's the truth."

Since the melee, video of the incident has gone viral and Fuentes's antics have been covered by mainstream media around the world, mere weeks after making headlines when he dined with Kanye West (now known as Ye) and former President Donald Trump, who has since said that he did not know who Fuentes was, or that he was accompanying Ye to dinner (via Yahoo!).