Gen Z Foodies Are Looking To The Stars In 2023

Experts predict that space exploration will surpass many milestones over the next decade, per Universe Magazine, including the return of humans to the moon. This acceleration of research brings humankind closer than ever to the great unknown of the galaxies. The more humans explore the universe, the more palpable its possibilities become. Not only is NASA planning to study and potentially visit the planet Uranus in the next ten years, Discovery explained, but the government agency will also develop technology to orbit one of Saturn's tiny, icy moons called Enceladus.

Gen Z is particularly excited about space exploration, Fast Company indicated. This group of young adults has witnessed the effects of climate change and other systemic issues like racism and gender inequity. They've also been around for a slew of innovations in the world of tech.

Just as astronauts left their footprints on the moon, the theme of outer space has left its own mark on Gen Z culture. For example, space-age fashion has taken off on TikTok, per Eternal Goddess. Galactic fashion is nothing new, but this theme is probing its way into other parts of daily life. Now, the galaxies are coming for your dining experience, Mintel reported.

Space food, innovation may come down to earth

As humans explore more deeply into outer space, we get closer to experiencing what the galaxies taste like. Mintel reported that the food industry will harness the power of the cosmos for an escapist dining experience in response to growing interest in what we can learn from the cosmos.

The galactic motif has undoubtedly started to probe its way into human culture, sparking a race among billionaires to explore space. This "space race" has Gen Z worried that outer space exploration is something that's reserved for the ultra wealthy, per the Conversation, meaning it's inaccessible to regular people.

For foodies, this cosmic trend will capitalize on the phenomena that have made outer space "less whimsical and more tangible." Mintel's prediction includes elements like bringing astronaut-style meals down to earth, the addition of cosmic minerals to recipes, zero-gravity setups, and new agricultural technologies.