Aldi's Awesome Pan Is Back And Tempting All Of Reddit

We all know by now that many Aldi items have cult followings, for one reason or another. Some products, like Aldi's breaded chicken filets, are popular because they're quick to prepare and downright delicious. Other Aldi products, like Benton's cookies or Who Needs the Bagel? Seasoning, are popular because they're great dupes.

In fact, Aldi sells many products comparable to big brand items. According to The Sun, Aldi has dupes for Kinder Bueno bars, Coca Cola, Fanta, and countless other popular items -– all costing less than the name brand. Another reason to love Aldi, right?

But Aldi dupes don't stop at food. Per National World, Aldi dupes also expand into the realms of skincare, appliances, and cookware. If you're looking to buy Le Creuset cast iron cookware or an Always Pan for a fraction of the price, well, Aldi might just have you covered. And as far as Reddit is concerned, the Aldi dupe can't be beat.

Reddit is a big fan of Aldi's Always Pan dupe

If you've heard of the Always Pan, you know it's a pretty decent cookware set with a steep price tag. That being said, Aldi has its own version called the Awesome Pan, which many people say is a comparable alternative. Reddit, as you might expect, thoroughly supports the Awesome Pan, perhaps even over the Always Pan.

While the original Our Place Always Pan costs $145, one Reddit user recently shared their triumph in finding a $30 Awesome Pan at their local Aldi. In their caption, they wrote, "I almost left it, but I simply couldn't resist!"

Other Redditors immediately jumped in with their own thoughts on the Awesome Pan. One person wrote, "I got one last year, and it is the pan I use most. Love it, and it still looks good as new." A few others said they snatched theirs up amid the pans flying off the shelves. Someone else commented that, while the Awesome Pan is "not a game changer," it's a good dupe and works well. Hey, to each their own.