Adam Richman Made An Appearance On The Great American Holiday Cookie Swap

The effort required to partake in a cookie swap during the holidays can feel overwhelming during a time of the year that is already jam-packed with extra tasks like decorating, shopping, and traveling. For those looking for something cookie-themed but requiring less kitchen time, watching Today's "Great American Holiday Cookie Swap" may fit the bill. According to Today, the program hosted by Dylan Dreyer showcases 52 holiday-themed recipes presented by food-industry experts like Duff Goldman and Erin French. Though watching some of these talented chefs whip up sweet treats doesn't require getting your spatula dirty, it may induce a sugar craving!

The "Great American Holiday Cookie Swap" is broken into segments by regions of the country, and the first recipe presented is from a New York native. Adam Richman of "Man v. Food" fame grew up in Brooklyn's Canarsie neighborhood (via New York Post), and represented New York State on the show by putting a twist on a traditional cookie. The result was a treat that creatively tied together elements from Richman's city, state, and faith.

Richman puts a spin on hamantaschen

More frequently seen earlier in the year, hamantaschen are triangular cookies with ties to Purim, a Jewish holiday that is celebrated in March (via Time). For Adam Richman, the cookie has symbolic meaning. He reflected in his Instagram post on the cookie's place in his life: "it's a Cookie I grew up eating and even though it's normally associated with the holiday of Purim, it's a deeply beloved treat within the Jewish faith of which I am a proud member." According to Time, the typical filling for hamantaschen is poppy seeds or fruit jam, but for the "Great American Holiday Cookie Swap," Richman gave the cookie a little New York flavor.

Richman created an Apple Pie Hamantaschen for the Cookie Swap. The significance of using apple in the cookie was a twofer. In his Instagram post, Richman explains it was to represent "The Big Apple" but also to incorporate "one of the state's most delicious crops." (Richman's not wrong; according to a report from USApple, New York will be holding the second-place spot for producing apples in 2022/23 after Washington.) As for his Apple Pie Hamantaschen, Richman calls the resulting cookie "fresh, golden, and delicious" (via Today).

If you didn't get a chance to catch Richman on the "Great American Holiday Cookie Swap," you can still watch the series in four parts on Today's website.