What Happened To Dirty Cookie After Shark Tank

Have you ever wanted to drink a glass of cold milk (or any beverage, really) out of the cookie? That's sort of the idea behind Dirty Cookie, an edible cookie shot "glass" founded by Shahira Marei, per Dirty Cookie. Up until January 2015, Marei was working as a project manager for different big-name companies, such as Boeing and IBM (via Shark Tank Blog). It was then that Marei decided to leave her corporate job behind and start her own cookie business. Before she left, she had a Boeing engineer create molds for her cookie shots with a 3D printer. What motivated and inspired Marei to start her own business was a trip to Egypt when she was 10 years old.

During that trip, she saw impoverished children on the streets and asked her father to help them by giving them money. Her father obliged and then said that the best way to help the children was to create long-term wealth by making jobs for them. For Marei, this interaction with her father sparked the foundations of her future business, Dirty Cookie. Marei opened her first physical storefront in July 2015, but decided to focus on online sales and closed her store in December 2015. Marei also donates part of each Dirty Cookie sale to various non-profit organizations that focus on education. Wishing to expand her business further, Marei sought help from the investors on "Shark Tank."

Dirty Cookie captures the interest of two sharks

Shahira Marei appeared on "Shark Tank" with her cookie business, Dirty Cookie, in front of the "sharks" Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, and Kevin O'Leary, asking for an investment of $500,000 for a 5% equity in her business, according to Shark Tank Blog. Marei brought samples of her cookie shots made with chocolate, and they seem to enjoy them. Ultimately, Marei wanted the large investment so that she can streamline and speed up her production process.

Cuban, O'Leary, John, and Herjavec all dropped out of negotiations for different reasons that basically boiled down to not liking how much profit her business was making. Greiner was extremely intrigued and offered a $250,000 investment for 25% equity, in addition to a $250,000 loan with 8% interest. Herjavec then returned with an offer of a $500,000 investment for 30% equity, with a reduced equity of 15% if Marei made enough sales. Greiner retaliated with another offer, to which Herjavec gave a final offer of $500,000 for 25%, with a reduced equity of 15%. At the end of the day, Marei accepted the deal with Herjavec.

Dirty Cookie has cookie shots and stuffed cookies for all occasions

After striking a deal on "Shark Tank," Dirty Cookie was included in Good Morning America's "Steals and Deals on Thanksgiving Day" list, but unfortunately, the deal made with Robert Herjavec hadn't closed as of December 2022. At the time of the episode, which originally aired on April 8, 2022, Shahira Marei stated that her business was worth around $10 million. In June 2021, before her appearance on the show, Marei partnered with Nuts 'n More, which is a business that also appeared on "Shark Tank" in Season 4 and one that Mark Cuban and Herjavec invested in.

Today, Dirty Cookie has cookie shots and stuffed cookies for practically any occasion. Around Christmas, the company sells holiday-themed cookies and cookie shots. There are other themed cookie shots as well, including ones to commemorate birthdays, graduations, baby showers, weddings, anniversaries, and more, as well as vegan and gluten-free options. The stuffed cookie flavors include red velvet with cheesecake, peanut butter and jelly, apple pie, strawberry shortcake, chocolate chip with Nutella, pumpkin cheesecake, and white chocolate chunk with cookie butter. Though the "Shark Tank" deal didn't close, Dirty Cookie has flourished since the show. Currently, Dirty Cookie only ships within the U.S., but they have expanded their business to Egypt. The company has plans to ship to Canada and Puerto Rico in the future.