Costco's Fans Are Raining Hearts On Its Returning Christmas Tuxedo Chocolate Mousse Cake

Costco knows how to get into the spirit of any season, especially where the price club retailer's desserts are concerned. Fall and winter are particularly sugary times to hang around the bakery, because that's when the chain's selection of sweet treats really goes all in. It starts around Thanksgiving with Costco's pumpkin pie, which retails for $5.99 and is famously enormous at 12 servings a pop. When December rolls around, Costco desserts like cinnamon sugar loaves, carrot walnut cake, and strawberry cheesecakes may be popular picks to take to any kind of holiday function, or enjoy at home with a cup of something hot to drink.

The warehouse retailer's bakery and deli section continues to be a massive draw for customers, because in addition to the deluxe items already mentioned, it offers a range of heat-and-serve meals, cookies, and other foodstuffs for consumers to toss into their carts for easy entertaining. In fact, 13% of the company's revenue came from fresh foods in the first quarter of 2022, per Investopedia. The company typically sees an extra boost in sales around the holidays, when keeping rich desserts at home is the norm. One in particular is turning heads on social media.

Why Costco's Christmas tuxedo chocolate mousse cake may look familiar

Instagrammer Costco Buys is making mouths water with a recent video posted to the social platform. The video shows the display of Christmas tuxedo chocolate mousse cakes currently available for purchase at Costco bakeries, complete with a $2 off offer through December 24 ($14.99 after coupon). Made with chocolate ganache and chocolate mousse, the creamy confection is decorated with a cheerful "Merry Christmas" in red script, as well as frosting mistletoe leaves and berries.

If the Christmas tuxedo chocolate mousse cake looks familiar, it's because Costco sells the same thing much of the rest of the year — just without the festive red writing on top, which one person pointed out in a comment: "Literally just wrote merry Christmas lol." The retailer's attempts at adding cheer to the otherwise available treat are not going unappreciated, however. One person wrote, "so good and not overly sweet or too much chocolate," and another described it as, "one of the best cakes out there." Though the cake is currently on a special discount for the holiday season, the tuxedo treat is also known to go on sale throughout the year, such as when it was $2 off in April of 2021.