President Obama's Go-To Fish Fry Spot Is An Atlanta Favorite

Along with the likes of garlic and onion, if there were a list of foods that presidents were banned from eating, fish would almost certainly make the cut. It can, after all, be a little pungent on the breath — not exactly the best image to present when trying to negotiate world trade deals or global peace.

Fortunately for former President Barack Obama, such high-level activities are no longer his problem now that he is out of office (although he and his wife Michelle continue to champion political and educational causes through their Obama Foundation). As such, Obama can probably be a little more relaxed about the food he eats.

This is demonstrated by a recent delivery order Obama made when visiting Atlanta. According to Twitter, the former president was visiting the state of Georgia as part of a political campaign, but clearly wanted to make sure he had a full stomach before the rally. Undoubtedly expecting perfection, it's little wonder that Obama chose to eat a plate from an award-winning restaurant. So, which one did the statesman select, and what was his dish of choice?

Obama enjoyed a salad with grouper

Even though the restaurant had only been set up mere months before his visit, reports Atlanta Magazine, it obviously inspired the confidence of Barack Obama. Eater Atlanta explains that Fishmonger received a call from one of Obama's team members requesting a total of 10 meals for the president, his staff, and three guests — with just 25 minutes' notice.

There must have been a great deal of pressure felt by staff at the restaurant when they found out they had to cook for Obama, but, according to Instagram, Fishmonger dished up a caesar salad with blackened grouper to the ex-president (which was eaten at an undisclosed secure location, explains Eater Atlanta). "It was a fun process" but "so weird," revealed Fishmonger on Instagram.

It isn't clear whether Obama had to pay full price for the caesar salad with added blackened grouper — a mild-tasting fish option for people who don't like fish — or if any tips were given. However, it was apparently a good fit. Eater reports that Obama approved of the dish when quizzed by a local Atlanta business owner.