Reddit Figured Out Why Taco Bell Keeps Getting Nacho Fries Orders Wrong

Inflation and supply chain issues have always affected the world, but the Covid-19 pandemic made them more prominent issues to deal with. Per Forbes, the shortage of employees and labor combined with the high, constant demand for products are a few reasons for the aforementioned issues. In the United States, around 96% of restaurants said that their business was affected by supply chain issues, according to QSR. Like most things in this world, supply chain issues are typically unpredictable, and not even big-name fast food chains are safe.

Most recently in the late quarter of 2022, several chains throughout the United States are possibly facing a lettuce shortage (via Business Insider). Taco Bell and Chick-fil-A have alerts posted on their respective mobile apps letting customers know about the potential shortage of lettuce. The lettuce shortage is happening due to various reasons including, lettuce being more expensive now than it was years ago, the demand for lettuce has increased, and there was a disease that affected a large stock of lettuce in California. Now, it seems that fast food supply chain issues are affecting other menu items from Taco Bell, such as its Nacho Fries. Taco Bell fans took to Reddit to express their frustrations.

Taco Bell's Nacho Fries seasoning may be out of stock in some areas

On the r/tacobell Reddit thread, one user posted a picture of their order of Nacho Fries from Taco Bell with the caption, "They forgot the Nacho part of the nacho fries..." The original poster's (OP) photo shows a bag of bare, naked fries next to a container of nacho cheese sauce. According to Taco Bell, the Nacho Fries are supposed to be "seasoned with Mexican spices." A couple Reddit users in the comments had some funny responses to the tragedy, with one user writing, "[L]emme get some nacho fries, hold the nacho." Another person commented, "... [W]hat's the point of ordering them if they're just regular fries..."

Thankfully, several Reddit users provided insight and commented on the reason for the lack of seasoning on the Nacho Fries, and it has to do with a shortage in the seasoning. "[It's] because [Nacho] Fries go off sale this next week, so no one is ordering more seasoning but they have leftover fries still," one user wrote. Others agreed that the Nacho Fries are a limited-time menu item so it's likely that most Taco Bell stores are just working through the rest of their stock. 

However, many commenters thought that the Taco Bell employees should've told OP about the seasoning being out of stock, instead of just letting OP find out about it when they got home with their order.