Here's Why Pre-Cut Pineapple Might Be Worth It

A whole pineapple is arguably one of the most attractive fruits you can buy, thanks to its yellow-green, diamond-patterned exterior and the layered, spiky green stem. Perhaps that's one of the reasons people buy them instead of canned, pre-cut pineapple. Another is the most obvious: the price. According to Better Homes & Gardens, whole pineapples typically cost less than pre-cut pineapples.

If you've ever bought one of those fancy fruit trays with the cream cheese dip in the middle, you likely know that this price difference between whole and pre-cut fruit is the norm. Pre-cut fruit is typically more expensive — sometimes significantly more — than whole fruit, since you're essentially paying for the labor of the person who cut the fruit, so you won't have to.

While saving money is always nice, convenient and stress-free food preparation is oftentimes more valuable than money. Both of these factors can be a game changer if you're planning a dinner party or any other food-centered event that involves using pineapples. Here's why this canned fruit might be worth the extra cash.

Using pre-cut pineapple can save you time and eliminate food-prep stress

Picture this: You're baking a pineapple upside-down cake for your spouse's birthday party, or you're making two dozen teriyaki burgers with pineapple from scratch for a summer cookout. You also need to set aside time to prep the side items and make sure the house is clean. You felt really proud of yourself the day you bought that whole pineapple because you saved money, but now that it's time to cut it open, you regret your decision.

You immediately think back on that Jim Rohn quote you read on Pinterest a while back about time being more valuable than money. Pre-cut pineapple — commonly packaged in cans — could have saved you some valuable time.

Even if you've cut a pineapple before and actually know what you're doing, the process is still more time-consuming than popping open a can of pre-sliced or cubed pineapples. Sure, there are pineapple corers and other tools to make the cutting process easier, but some people still find the process a bit challenging, cumbersome, or messy. Using pre-cut pineapple eliminates all of that fuss.

Canned pineapple is sweeter and offers more minerals than fresh

If you're not concerned about a little extra sugar, or you actually prefer it for your recipe, canned pineapple is definitely the way to go. Livestrong claims a 1-cup serving of canned pineapple contains 19 grams of sugar while a fresh one contains 16. This added sweetness can make those teriyaki burgers or upside-down cake more flavorful without having to add extra sugar.

Canned pineapple also provides more magnesium than fresh pineapple. Double the amount of the daily recommended value, in fact. According to MedicalNewsToday, magnesium supports nerve and muscle function. It also aids in regulating blood pressure, heart and bone health, and migraine prevention, among other benefits.

Copper is another vital mineral that pre-cut, canned pineapple contains more of than fresh pineapple. Per Livestrong, it offers 29% of the recommended daily value, compared to fresh pineapple's 20%. WebMD claims copper helps the body to prevent illness, provides protection against cell damage, and turns sugar into fuel.

So while pre-cut pineapple may be more expensive than fresh ones, the time-saving and hassle-free benefits, coupled with the added flavor and mineral content make it worth the extra cost.