No, Aldi's Discount Price Tags Aren't A Secret Cover-Up

Lately, many companies have been accused of secretly raising their prices right under our noses. A Walmart self-checkout scam was brought to the internet's attention around August 2022, where self-checkout customers were being charged more for certain products. In October 2022, Dunkin' was also in the hot seat for a $2 scam, where a frequent customer noticed his order was $2 more than normal and asked to see a receipt for his order, only to be told the store was out of receipt paper. Another puzzled customer posted a screenshot from the Dunkin' app on the r/DunkinDonut Reddit thread and noticed their total had $1 added for nothing.

It seems more and more companies have been sneaking price increases in for whatever reason. Now, one TikTok user is supposedly accusing Aldi of trying to lie about the real savings its shoppers get. Aldi sometimes changes the price of its products and lets shoppers know about it by placing a sticker on the price tag highlighting the old price and the new price. The alleged "scam" isn't exactly the way it seems, and Aldi employees helped reveal the truth behind this claim.

Aldi employees change both price tags in case one falls off

In a post from TikTok user @fatgotmytongue, they share a video showing themselves removing "Aldi Savers" price stickers from different Aldi products and resticking them on the price tag to where shoppers can see the "original" price next to the "sale" price, which happens to be the same. Their TikTok also featured various texts including "Doing the Lord's work at Aldi" and "Not today Satan." It was posted with the caption "This should be illegal, why [do] they gotta lie like that ??? We [are] already on a budget shopping here," claiming that Aldi is "scamming" its shoppers. However, many Aldi employees ran to the comments to set the record straight.

The truth is that Aldi employees change the price tag to reflect the new price in case the "Aldi Savers" stick falls off, that way shoppers will still see the new lower cost as opposed to the original price. One Aldi employee said, "We have to change them both in case [sic] something happens to the sticker, like someone coming through and ripping them off after[.] [It] took me hours." Another employee commented "Please don't do this. The crossed-out price is the old price. Aldi is letting you know it's a lower price now starting that day." 

Aldi claims it's able to have such low prices because of its simple store layout and not bagging its customer's groceries, among other things, per Aldi.