Can You Make Chips In An Air Fryer?

After talking with many cooking enthusiasts, and scrolling through cooking hacks pages, it seems like the possibilities in an air fryer are endless. Your favorite kitchen gadget seems to pop up more often than you plan for it to, but you're not complaining. It cooks things without undivided attention, it requires less or no oil for things that are normally fried, which makes meals healthier than regular. Mornings can start with air-fried oats, and lunch and dinner are set with air-fried chicken breast. And yes, the air fryer recipe list continues, including veggies, apple pies, hard-boiled eggs, omelets, mac and cheese, and beyond.

But, for those who are still not familiarized or are not that adventurous with an air fryer, many questions still pop up. Is food going to taste good? Are things going to be crunchy? Can I really put everything in it? These questions are normal and welcome. Some may even wonder if a fast-food type of meal is worth air frying. Take chips, for example. Chips are loved for being crunchy, greasy, and with that touch of saltiness our body usually craves. And the answer is, yes! You can make chips in an air fryer, and as many other air-fried snacks, this might be better for your health.

Make crunchy potato chips using less oil in an air fryer

An air fryer can reach golden chips with a crispy outside and soft inside in just 20 minutes. Most recipes require very few ingredients, and usually, these are potatoes, oil, salt, and your preferred seasoning. BBC Good Food says it would require less oil than deep-frying, so it would likely have fewer calories. It all starts with peeled and washed potatoes, which are later cut into large rectangular blocks that look like fries.

Liana's Kitchen suggests soaking the potatoes in cold water for half an hour to remove the starch before cooking, and then drying them with a kitchen towel. Also, to have fun with our chip seasoning, it can be classic sea salt, fancy oregano, or something more smoked and spicy like paprika or chili peppers. And when it comes to oil, Hungry Healthy Happy suggests using olive oil or switching to sunflower or any type of vegetable oil.

Of course, to go pro and avoid mistakes when making chips in an air fryer, try preheating your air fryer, greasing your basket, not overcrowding it with your potato sticks, and try blanching them if possible. With these tips, hopefully, your air fryer satisfies your fast food cravings in a healthier way.