The Guy Fieri-Approved Spicy Tomato Sauce You Can Find At Wegman's

Though celebrity chef Guy Fieri hails from the West Coast, he fully endorses this niche product that is available at a superstore that was founded in Upstate New York.

Wegmans is a Rochester-based supermarket chain that has since expanded across the East Coast, with locations stretching from Massachusetts to North Carolina (via Wegmans). The chain has accumulated a cult-like following over the years, with Thrillist describing its fans as being, "... connected to this store almost spiritually." People love Wegmans for a variety of reasons, but its vast selection is definitely one of them. It carries a variety of different foods, including a handful of organic products and its own unique brand items.

The particular item that Fieri vouches for is referenced in an episode of "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives." He samples it in "Fully Focused," while visiting Pastabilities in Syracuse, NY, in which he gives it his stamp of approval. However, interested taste testers will not have to trek to this city in Central New York just to try this food item — it is actually available for purchase at Wegmans.

The hype for this sauce extends far beyond its Syracuse origins

Pastabilities' Spicy Hot Tomato Oil is absolutely worth the hype — an opinion maintained by Guy Fieri. According to Food & Wine, the celebrity chef totally approved of this legendary pasta sauce, which is made with a blend of tomatoes, pure olive oil, sliced garlic, honey, spiced oil, salt, and chili peppers. The idea for Pasta's Spicy Hot Tomato Oil originated when owner Karyn Korteling was visiting the Chianti region in Italy and was craving a hearty meal while five months pregnant.

At a roadside cafe, she and her husband were given a bowl of penne that was garnished with spicy tomato oil that completely changed their lives. Upon arriving back in the United States, they replicated this same sauce, creating the famous, "Hot Tom," (via Hot Tom).

Though the famous Upstate New York Italian restaurant is known for pairing the sauce with warm bread or its homemade pasta, the spicy oil can complement practically any dish. As stated before, fortunately enough, this exact sauce is sold in jars at Wegmans locations even outside of Central New York. Add it to any meal for a delicious flavor boost!