Here Are The Best Types Of Apples To Bake In A Crisp

Who doesn't like some sweet, gooey, cinnamon-y apple crisp every now and then? Allrecipes includes it as one of its 25 best apple desserts of all time. If you were to compare apple crisp recipes online, you'd find that many ingredients are exactly the same. For example, most — if not all — recipes will call for sugar or some other type of sweetener, and obviously, they all require apples (unless it's a keto version).

One thing that isn't the same from recipe to recipe, though, is the type of apples that are used. Life, Love and Sugar's and Cooky Classy's recipes call for Granny Smith apples while The Chunky Chef recommends Golden Delicious. Others, like the one listed on Fox and Briar, say to use Fuji apples.

So which apples are best to bake in apple crisp? The answer, of course, is subjective. It ultimately depends on your taste and firmness preferences, but if you're new to baking apple crisp, knowing which varieties that experienced people suggest might help you make (or change) your decision.

Whatever your preference, there's an apple for that

If you want the apples in your apple crisp to be tender, Allrecipes recommends Golden Delicious, Fuji, and McIntosh because of their "intense sweetness with soft flesh that easily releases its juice." Recipe blogger Mandy Jackson adds that McIntosh apples reach the perfect level of softness when the oat topping becomes crisp, whereas Stemilt Growers explains Golden Delicious is a great choice if you want the apples to be on the soft side. This variety offers a soft, juicy interior, comparable to McIntoshes.

Prefer the apples to be a little more firm after being baked? Try the crunchy Honeycrisp variety. Per Stemilt Growers, Honeycrisp apples "break apart easily when eaten or sliced." They're also juicy and offer a sweet-tart flavor.

Speaking of tartness, if you're aiming for a nice sweet-and-sour balance in your apple crisp that isn't overly tart, those aforementioned McIntosh are a great choice for this preference, too.  On the other hand, if you want more tartness, Stemilt Growers recommends Granny Smith, which are known for their tart flavor. By the way, this variety offers a firm texture, too, so if you're looking for maximum tartness and firmness, Granny will do the trick.

Although McIntosh, Golden Delicious, Honeycrisp, and Granny Smith are among the recommended type of apples for baking apple crisp, you might prefer another variety. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, why not try several varieties and choose what works best for you?