Mashed Survey: The YouTube Food Personality That Should Have Their Own Food Network Show, According To Fans

As most of us know, places like TikTok and YouTube have their own food celebrities. For instance, Tabitha Brown got her start as a chef on TikTok, according to NPR, and has since earned nearly five million followers, created her own seasoning line, and has even been offered a Food Network show of her own. But Brown isn't the only internet chef to find herself hosting a television series or receiving opportunities to be on hit shows.

This past fall, YouTube baker Rosanna Pansino hosted Food Network's "Halloween Cookie Challenge," alongside chef Jet Tila. Pansino also hosted her own baking challenge show, "Baketopia," on HBO back in 2021 (via IMDb). Naturally, we here at Mashed were curious about which other internet chefs — particularly those from YouTube — our readers think should have their own Food Network show. "Mythical Kitchen" host Josh Scherer? "NYT Cooking" star Claire Saffitz? "Binging with Babish" chef Andrew Rea? Well, we asked, and our readers certainly delivered. 

Mythical Kitchen takes the lead, but not by much

In order to determine which YouTube food personality we most want to see on Food Network, Mashed asked 582 readers to weigh in. The results weren't nearly as clear-cut as we expected, but perhaps that just goes to show how much all of these chefs are loved. Receiving 25.4% of readers' votes, Scherer from "Mythical Kitchen" was chosen as the most deserving of his own Food Network show. 

Right on his tail, however, with 24.4% of votes, were Ben Ebbrell, Mike Huttlestone, Jamie Spafford, and Barry Taylor from "Sorted Food." Next in line, was Claire Saffitz from "NYT Cooking" with 19.2% of votes. The last two options, Rea from "Binging with Babish" and Joshua Weissman, received 15.8% and 15.1% of votes, respectively. Although this survey of course has no influence on what shows Food Network produces, who knows? Maybe us putting all this chef Scherer from "Mythical Kitchen" energy out there into the universe will help make our dream a reality.