Mars Just Dropped New Ice Cream Flavors For Candy Fans

Mars is really putting itself on the radar. The candy mogul first made headlines for introducing a new color to its M&M lineup — purple — to represent inclusivity. More recently, the brand created a female-only packaging design that is meant to honor women in a new "Flipping the Status Quo" campaign (via People). These innovative changes are clearly not the end for Mars though, as the candy company just announced new products that will certainly take up some freezer space.

Mars current portfolio is a vast one, including popular brands like Snickers, Skittles, Tasty Bite, Dove Chocolate, and more. The American multinational manufacturer of chocolate, chewing gum, mints and fruity confections just dropped three new ice cream flavors for candy fans that incorporate all of its fan-favorite ingredients: M&M's Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches, DOVE Mini Sticks Vanilla Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate and Almonds, and TWIX Cookie Dough Ice Cream for all edible cookie dough fans. 

The ice creams will be available nationwide in March

Whether you are craving dark chocolate with almonds, cookie dough, or cookies and cream flavors, Mars has got you covered with the release of its three new ice cream flavors. "We know that introducing new varieties and flavors of ice cream to fans can bring more moments of happiness, joy and togetherness, which is why we have paired our delicious Mars Ice cream with some of our most iconic brands in the Mars portfolio like DOVE, M&M'S and TWIX. Our new offerings promise consumers a delicious at-home ice cream experience that can be enjoyed all year long." said Jayesh Shah, Mars Ice Cream Marketing Director (via a press release sent to Mashed). All three varieties have already begun to hit the shelves, but will become available nationwide beginning in March of 2023. 

For a "multi-textured" treat, M&M's Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches are available in a 4-pack or individual packaging. DOVE Mini Sticks Vanilla Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate and Almonds come with premium chocolatey goodness in packs of six. Marketed towards TWIX and coookie dough lovers, the TWIX Cookie Dough Ice Cream comes in a 16 oz. pint with real chopped up TWIX bars, cookie dough bites, and vanilla ice cream with a caramel swirl. Safe to say that any form of ice cream will be a successful drop for large companies like Mars Wrigley, especially if it's associated with a popular chocolate candy like M&M's, DOVE, and TWIX.