How Long Do Costco Apple Pies Last?

Apple pie truly is an American legend, featuring among the most popular U.S. dishes, according to survey data from YouGovAmerica. An impressive 78% of people proudly declare their affection for the sugary treat, putting it above culinary stalwarts such as hot dogs, Southern fried chicken, and even barbecue ribs. It appears to be the only snack featuring fruit to make the cut, too.

It's hardly surprising that apple pies are so popular — their first recorded existence dates all the way back to 1381 in England, reports Smithsonian Magazine, and by the early 1920s it was earning accolades in the U.S. So, it's little wonder that food producers like to cash in on the country's apple pie obsession.

Arguably, McDonald's produces one of the most famous apple pies, but the very nature of fast food is that it gets gobbled down pretty quickly. Costco, on the other hand, produces sizable apple pies designed to be sliced into 12 hearty servings (per Costcuisine). Unless you've invited the whole neighborhood for a meal, eating such a large pie in one go is a tall order — which is why understanding Costco's expiry date is important.

Costco's apple pies usually last for this long

Generally speaking, freshly baked apple pies should last for two days when stored at room temperature or four to five days if kept in a refrigerator, explains StillTasty. When frozen, apple pies should maintain good quality for between six to eight months.

Eating Expired details the same expectations for Costco's apple pies stored at room temperature or in a refrigerator, but believes the pies to only retain their quality for three to four months in a freezer. To increase the longevity of Costco's apple pies, Eating Expired recommends covering them in foil or plastic wrap in refrigerators or putting them in freezer bags for freezing.

Costco's apple pies are a big source of sugar, but perhaps the addition of sugar helps to boost their shelf life as well as their flavor. Costcuisine reports that each of the 12 portions of Costco's apple pie contains 26 grams of sugar, which may not be beneficial to your health but could help to prolong the life of the pie by slowing the growth of bacteria (per BBC Science Focus).