Waffle House Hilariously Shuts Down TikTok's Custom Orders

Secret menu hacks are growing in popularity by the day, and it's no surprise since many restaurants now have mobile apps that make it easier to order elusive customization options that weren't attainable before, per Eater. Some secret menu items are so popular that they are actually added to the menu as a permanent offering, such as the pink drink from Starbucks that was permanently added to the menu in 2017 (via Starbucks). Then, there's the Chipotle hack where you can get a burrito for three dollars by ordering a single taco plus an extra tortilla on the side and assembling it yourself, according to this TikTok from @recipes.

However, some restaurants are cracking down on secret menu hacks and choosing not to make them at all. In response to the three-dollar burrito hack, Chipotle actually removed the option for customers to order tacos through the app, per Business Insider. Luckily for taco lovers (and secret menu lovers), single tacos are still able to be ordered in person at the store. Now, popular breakfast chain Waffle House is also shutting down TikTok's secret menu hacks in a hilarious way.

Waffle House is not here for any TikTok menu hacks

TikTok user @officialgodbodycash shared a funny experience they had at a Waffle House recently. In their TikTok, a sign can be seen hanging from the cash register at the checkout area that reads "Order from the menu. We are NOT MAKING anything you saw on TikTok!!" The sign seems to address the increase in Waffle House menu hacks that have been appearing on TikTok, with the hashtag #wafflehousehacks on TikTok having 5.4 million views as of January 17, 2023. Many commenters thought the sign was hilarious, with one person saying "Waffle House don't [sic] even answer the phone[, and] y'all thought they was [sic] doing a secret menu[?]" Others commented "Waffle House said don't even ask" and "Waffle House TikTok final boss."

One possible reason for the aforementioned sign is a Waffle House menu hack that has taken TikTok by storm. It's a Texas cheesesteak melt that's made with waffles as the bread instead of Texas toast, which TikTok user @shantellxoxo shared with her followers. Other menu hacks include a French toast waffle posted by TikTok user @thefreshprinceofbroward and a Reese's peanut butter French toast waffle that was created by TikTok user @cheflewis01. Whether secret menu items are able to be ordered or not, be sure to treat the employees with kindness and respect.