Bojangles Alcoholic Sweet Tea Collab Is Coming To Shelves In Southern States

You can't get much more southern than sweet tea. The beloved beverage is a staple at most gatherings and restaurants in the south, as well as in many homes and kitchens, but to some folks, Bojangles is considered the creme de la creme. The Rant, a local publication from North Carolina, even called the chain's rendition of the beverage the "Cadillac of sweet tea." Bojangles claims to make its tea "the old-fashioned way" and sweetens it with cane sugar.

Sweet tea has crossover ability into the world of alcohol as well, MasterClass reported. It's a base for the popular mint julep, and it became a popular mocktail component during prohibition, per Southern Kitchen. Today, you can buy bottles and cans of Twisted Tea, a well-known alcoholic sweet tea.

Embracing the versatility of this Southern staple, Bojangles has recently partnered with a North Carolina brewery to release a hard sweet tea that'll soon be available at the grocery store, according to WCNC Charlotte.

Hard sweet tea will be available in March

A collaboration between Bojangles and Appalachian Mountain Brewery will hit shelves in March, according to WCNC Charlotte. Bojangles Hard Sweet Tea will be available in 12-ounce cans that come in packs of 12, as well as in single 16-ounce cans. Vinepair reported that the beverage promises to taste a lot like Bojangles "legendary" sweet tea. You won't find this drink at Bojangles restaurants, but they'll be available at many stores in North Carolina and South Carolina, including Walmart, Harris Teeter, Circle K, Food Lion, and Sheetz.

Appalachian Mountain Brewery opened in 2013 and was Boone, North Carolina's first-ever brewery. The company offers a number of brews as well as hard ciders. Bojangles chief brand and marketing officer Jackie Woodward said that the partnership was a "natural fit" in a press release, per Vinepair, which noted that this move was part of a bigger trend of chain restaurants partnering with booze companies.