Aldi's Ginger Cranberry Coconut Clusters Have One Noticeable Flaw

You can find a lot of cool things at Aldi, and thanks — in part — to the Simply Nature brand, you can buy a lot of healthy things. This brand features all organic, non-GMO verified products, many of which helped the chain earn the Good Housekeeping Nutritionist Emblem in 2020 (via PR Newswire).

Some of the Simply Nature products range from Organic Chicken or Beef Bone Broth to Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef to Organic Black Bean Spaghetti. You can even buy some healthy snacks from this brand, including Ginger Cranberry Coconut Clusters. Sounds good, right? According to a recent Reddit post, they are. They're "insanely" good," to be more specific.

Aldi's Products webpage lists this snack as a seasonal item, available in dark chocolate or the aforementioned ginger cranberry flavor. They're gluten-free. They're crunchy. They come in a nice resealable bag with only 4 grams of sugar per serving, but there's one noticeable flaw to these "insanely good" Ginger Cranberry Coconut Clusters.

One bag costs more than most fast food meals

Although many agree that the Ginger Cranberry Coconut Clusters are indeed tasty and one of the best foods you can buy at Aldi, one thing that's not as appealing is the price. One shopper commented in a Reddit thread that one 10-oz bag will set you back $9. Yup. Nine. That's more than a whole meal at many fast food restaurants, but the price varies by location; the original poster purchased the bag without checking the price first and later realized it was $7.29, after checking the receipt. But, they said it was "totally worth the price."

Another person decided to try them after reading the post and commented that they're delicious. All other comments related to the taste (as of the date of this article) are positive, but some shoppers agreed that they were too pricey. One shopper said they're "almost worth $8 a bag," but added that they "are ridiculous yummy." Another commented, "Expensive, yes, but so, so good!"

If you want to see how much a bag of Ginger Cranberry Coconut Clusters costs at the Aldi in your city or town, you can look it up online or visit a store near you. Keep in mind that prices vary by location, but even if you discover that the costs hits close to that $9 mark, you might find the price to be worth the taste, too.