The Best McDonald's In The World Is In An Unexpected Country

Although more than 38,000 McDonald's establishments can be found all across the globe, we can't deny that certain locations are a whole lot cooler than others. Some of the most unique McDonald's in the U.S., for instance, include the UFO-shaped building in New Mexico, the giant golden arch on the Vegas Strip, and the super-sized Epic McD in Florida.

As fun and creative as these American McDonald's are, international McDonald's might just have us beat. Per Insider, one New Zealand McDonald's is actually located inside an old plane, while another McDonald's in Norway adapted itself to fit in an elegant bank building. And we can't forget about the McDonald's ski-thru in Sweden!

That being said, one McDonald's stands alone when it comes to being truly iconic. This McDonald's, known as "the best McDonald's in the world," isn't even located where you'd expect. The U.S.? No. England? Nope. Japan? Sorry, still no.

No one expected Wales to have the best McDonald's ever

Sure, many international McDonald's serve regional favorites, but when it comes to a real show-stopper of a menu, look no further than the McDonald's in Welshpool, Wales. In addition to classic McDonald's menu items, Wales offers many vegan and vegetarian menu items, per The Takeout. This particular location also serves a Cadbury chocolate McFlurry, a McCrispy chicken sandwich (topped with truffle mayo!), and even Cheesy Garlic Bites. Yum.

Oh, and this McDonald's doesn't just claim to be the best — it's actually been labeled the best by a Michelin chef. According to The New York Post, chef Gareth Ward has two Michelin stars and even with his expert palate, he still called the Welshpool McDonald's "one of the top three restaurants in Wales." That's some pretty high praise for a fast food chain we associate with pink slime and burgers that don't rot. Anyway, we'll be booking a plane to Wales.